"I have been on daily medications for gastric reflux (GERD) for 15 to 20 years. The most recent one was Omeprazole. My digestive Physician Assistant advised me to get off them because they interfere with mineral absorption. I tried everything that she suggested plus what I read on the internet but I was unsuccessful. Then my new gastroenterologist said I must get off them and suggested that I try Ditch Your PPI's plan to gradually reduce the dosage over 2 months. It worked very well; I have been off the medication for over 6 months and would highly recommend their program."

- Natalie F.            

Registered Nurse

"After years of being on Dexilant, at the time 60 mg, my prescriber suggested I attempt to wean myself. She recommended that it could be done by titrating down the dosage 5 mg at a time. Ditch Your PPI provided the decreasing formulations and I got down towards 35 mg fairly quickly, even without being consistent with dietary changes. It was around 35-30mg that my reflux symptoms (a cough, tightness in my chest) became a struggle.  I suspected that I was one of those people who actually required reflux medications.  I made a greater effort to remove trigger foods and finally made it beyond the seeming plateau. Once below 25 mg I no longer experienced increased symptoms with each 5mg reduction. I am nothing less than thrilled to be done with Dexilant! I seriously doubt that I would have been capable of this feat without the titration regimen that Ditch Your PPI made available."

- S.J.